Multiple Mud

From: Joshua Mentzer (mentzer@TEXAS.NET)
Date: 08/18/97

Sorry about that last Legal post, was not meant for the list.


  I was sitting around the other day, I do this pretty often, and I was
got to thinking, something I don't do very often, about MUDs and the
  What I am curious about, is if anyone has seen or done any multi-mud
interaction? I can't think of an easy way to describe what I am thinking
of, but the easiest example of what I am thinking would be of a world
with multiple dimensions, each dimension being a different MUD, thereby
having its own unique feel.
  I can think of dozens of problems that would arise in such an
undertaking, but it could be very interesting for players (switching
dimensions where they might find an NPC of themselves, events in one MUD
affecting those of another...many things).
  So, has anyone ever seen anything of this sort?


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