From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 08/20/97

print_object_location:1354 requested 8192 bytes, received 12320.
write_to_output:987 requested 12288 bytes, received 32384. (***)
print_object_location:1383 released 12320 bytes from print_object_location:1354.
print_object_location:1354 requested 8192 bytes, received 12320.
perform_immort_where:1428 released 8192 bytes from perform_immort_where:1394.
do_where:1443 released 8192 bytes from do_where:1435.
game_loop:620 released 256 bytes from game_loop:583.
process_output:1101 requested 12320 bytes, received 12320.
process_output:1144 released 32384 bytes from write_to_output:987. (---)
process_output:1154 released 12320 bytes from process_output:1101.

(***) = Where we switched from small buffer to large buffer.
(---) = Where the large buffer was sent to player and released.

Took a couple minor changes and it's working beautifully.  That just goes
to prove that you should try it before you ask questions...no matter how
large or small the task seems. :)  (I loaded object 3022 repeatedly until
'where sword' overran even the large buffer and I got an **OVERFLOW**
message; not the corrupting one, the normal CircleMUD one.)

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