Oasis - Fatal Problems

From: Will Shaw (romulan@CAROL.NET)
Date: 08/01/97

Ok...there may have been a thread about this before, so forgive me if I'm
bringing up something that has been discussed previously.  

Here is a sequence of events that occured on my mud recently:

1) Bob enters OLC.

2) Bob loses his link to the mud while still in OLC.

3) When Bob reconnects, he has cloned himself...in a sense.  There are two
Bobs in the room, one of them is still shown as (writing) in OLC.  The
OLC'ing Bob is not listed in do_who or any other list such as "where" or
"stat room".  After sitting around for a tick or two, the OLC'ing Bob gets
some strange characters in his name (Bob the 8ig^ is standing here.
(writing)).  Now we attempt to get rid of the "fake" Bob by purging him.
This changes his name to something like "corpse", "gossip", "mail", or "is
here".  The change appears to be permanent, as people can "poke is here"
and it will poke the Bob whose name has changed to "is here".  Also, if the
name changes to something like "corpse", then Bob can still log in as
corpse (while keeping his other real Bob).  

Now the problem here is that this corrupted the playerfile the second time
it happened, with a player named "s here.".  Good ole' s here. was
unpurgable, undeletable, etc...so when the mud crashed I thought he was
gone.  But a reboot revealed the dreaded WARNING:  PLAYERFILE IS PROBABLY
CORRUPT message.

Has anyone else experienced something like this, or is there a known fix
for it?  Sorry if the post is hard to follow, I'm kinda confused atm... =)

Thanks for any help you guys can provide...

Will Shaw

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