MOB Balance

From: Marius Booysen (booysems@QTTSUD2301.TELKOM.CO.ZA)
Date: 09/05/97

Thanks to everyone that pointed me to the code snippets on the ftp site. It
is great!

I have coded a small newbie zone, but have problems balancing the strength
of the mob and the newbie players. Either the MOB is too strong and it
kills the newbie in 2 blows or the newbie is too strong and the MOB is
stunned with 1 or 2 hits. Even when I give exactly the same attributes (ac,
str, dex, etc.) to both the MOB and the newbie, the fight is over in 2
rounds (newbie wins). I would like to prolong the fight a bit....

Can anybody please point me to some docs or something that explains the
relationship between the different attributes?


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