Intuitive db files

From: Rasdan (rasdan@PEAK.ORG)
Date: 09/06/97

Hey all,

Tonight I rewrote, for stock circle, the db loading routines to be more
intuitive. I haven't done objects yet, but mobs and rooms work basically
like this:

In so doing, I also converted exit flags to use asciiflag_conv on bootup
instead of the old cumbersome way.

Name : The Void~
Desc : This is a very empty room, there isn't anything here. Don't you
just hate empty rooms, I sure do.
Flag : abdfh~
Sect : forest~
Exit : north 1 0 a door~
Exit : east 3 0 0~
Exit : south 5 0 ab gate~
Extr : gate It's a pretty scary looking gate.
Extr : door Runes of all shapes and sizes are embedded on the door.
Fini : end~

Basically it uses a little while loop to go through the tags and sets
them accordingly. The ~ tells the program to quit reading into the
variable when it encounters a ~.

Exit arguments work like this:

Extr arguments work like this:
Extr : keyword <ex descr>

I only have a few problems with it.

1. How can I make it so that old db files are compatible with the newer

2. Exit descriptions no longer work. (Not sure how to fix it).

Mob parsing is much more refined.
E, S mobs no longer exist - all the data is set to a default and then,
depending on the tag, information is set.


Name : puff fractal dragon~
Shrt : Puff~
Long : Puff is here, doing cool stuff.
Desc : Some weird calculus stuff makes up Puff.
Flag : abdfij~
Affs : dgj~
Alin : 250~
Levl : 26~
Hitr : 15~
Damr : 40~
Hitp : 10 10 150~
Dice : 5 6~
Armr : -50~
Gold : 15000~
Expr : 250000~
Posn : standing standing~
Sexx : female~
Clss : warrior~
Weit : 240~
Strn : 18~
Intl : 7~
Fini : end~

As you can see, the file is a little longer (okay a lot) but much easier
to read, and to edit.

Coupled with a revised OLC to save with the new format, will making
editing/creating mobs a snap (Plus Cooler :P)

Once again, the key problem here is that I want it to be compatible with
the old way as well.

Any ideas?


  I have done so much,
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