Re: Intuitive db files

From: Philippe Durand (philippe@DURAND.NET)
Date: 09/06/97

> Coupled with a revised OLC to save with the new format, will making
> editing/creating mobs a snap (Plus Cooler :P)
> Once again, the key problem here is that I want it to be compatible with
> the old way as well.
> Any ideas?

Well, what you could do, in the first line of your new .mob, .obj, .wrld,
.zon, .shp files, you could have a special tag, saying
$New Mob File~
or something of the sort, and run through the reading of the file how you
have created it, and if it DOESN'T find this at the top of the file, then
just run the old way through (re-add this to your files) and that will just
be peachy...

You could also do in your OLC, that it rewrites it into the new format,
therefore converting it into the new format.

That's my thoughts...


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