Re: Some questions about code

From: Klank the last Master of Doom (klank@KNOX.NET)
Date: 09/06/97

> If player's STR is 18, then STR_ADD is random number from 0 to 100.
> What's this line for?

I have this question too. I am adding an extra class and saw this in
class.c in the case statement where it modifies your stats accourding to
your class, here is the code:

    ch->real_abils.str = table[0];
    ch->real_abils.dex = table[1];
    ch->real_abils.con = table[2];
    ch->real_abils.wis = table[3];
    ch-> = table[4];
    ch->real_abils.cha = table[5];
    if (ch->real_abils.str == 18)
      ch->real_abils.str_add = number(0, 100);
  ch->aff_abils = ch->real_abils;

Two questions, like asked before what does the random number from 0 to
100 there do? and question number two, why do they have ch->aff_abils and
ch->real_abils? Are the aff_abils temp abilities that are affected and
always soon return to the real_abils? (Let me state this a little more
clearly. If a player wore a cloack that raised his DEX by 1 then it would
be the ch->aff_abils.dex that would have 1 added right? and then when you
took the cloack off it would just return ch->aff_abils.dex to
ch->real_abils.dex right?) So, if I wrote a spell that should increase a
caster's str by 1 I would bump up aff_abils and then when the spell quit
I would return aff_abils to real_abils. Right?

Wow, that was a mouthfull, I hope that you understood what I was trying
to say! :)


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