[OLC] Function to change the vnum of obj/mob/room

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 09/14/97

Im working on a function to change the VNUM of objects/mobs/rooms, and
I'm wondering - to do it (assuming proper error checking that VNUM A
exists, VNUM B doesn't exist), all I would have to do is change the vnum
in the prototype structure of obj A to B, and save both zones?

That SEEMS like thats all I would have to do, but I'm not sure... oh this
is also considering I will then go through and change all references to
the changed vnum.  Of course, all object save files would be broke, but
oh well...

(PS I'll give source to this neat little function when I'm done).

- Chris Jacobson

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