Re: New Admin in need of Help!

From: Indi (indii@BELLSOUTH.NET)
Date: 09/15/97

To add new areas by hand:

1) add each file to the proper files
2) Check each portion of the file to make sure the number of the zone is
workable with what you have already.. ie if you are adding Ghenna you
need to not have a 99 already. If you have another zone with the same
number you should use sed and change one of them.
3) If it is not a circle zone or it is modified somehow.. or your files
are modified you will need to adjust the zone to fit with your mud.

*you do not need to compile to add new areas... just reboot
**check your syslog to see what is crashing the mud...syslog.crash is a
good one to look at.

Hope this helps


Oh! When you say open version.. do you mean running version or did you
want someone's copy of their code?

Gabe Lombard wrote:

>  Ok, I'm "fairly" new to this stuff...can someone tell me how to add
> premade areas to my mud? I put all the .mob in the mob dir and the obj
> in the obj dir etc etc. Yet when I "make" the src again and I try
> autorun it says it boots it up fine...but I Can't telnet to it...and
> if I can for some unknown reason it crashes...thank you for your time!
> Oh and does anyone here have a modified version of circlemud that is
> open to the public? I would like to see how some of you changed some
> files...thanks

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