Re: Cost of objects

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 09/15/97

On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, Rich Chiavaroli wrote:

-+Well you could und up jsut as out of balance if you implement that system.
-+What I've noticed that creates somewhat of an ecomomy (which I think is
-+what you're looking for) is the combination of an automated auction
-+channel and limiting equipment. This will let the players determine the
-+actual worth of the eq depending on the availability of the object
-+and difficulty to get coins. Just an alternative.

The problem is that there is very little oppurtunity cost towards
the usage of money.  How do you get equipment?  By killing.  How do
you get money?  By killing.  How do you get levels?  By killing.
So where in there does someone have to give up one thing for another?
For an economy to actually function, and for anything to have value,
there has to be the 'oppurtunity cost'.  This doesn't mean value of
an object in monetary terms; it means the oppurtunity you lose if you
decide to purchase an object.  For instance, if you want to horde
gold, then you shouldn't be able to gain levels and equipment at the
same time.  With how the system is currently set up, you don't lose
anything for your choices.  You just gain them all at once.

Not to mention that there is *nothing* stopping someone from going
out and getting that o'mighty Thunderbolt for themselves, without
having to bother with money.  If you make killing give less money
and equipment, and provide seperate means for obtaining these things,
then you come to a system where a player can't go stampeding through
the game killing everything and getting the maximum benefit.

Talk about a cheap victory.  If ever a team did not deserve a victory,
it was the Cowboys today.  The absurd pass inteference call when not
only was the ball tipped, but there was no pass inteference in the
first place, on 4th down and 5 is the *only* reason why the Cowboys
won that game.  The commentators notes on how Detmer crossed the line
of scrimmage before the pass were not only moot, but wrong.  The ball
had been released before he crossed the line.  That game was plagued
by bad calls, most--if not all--in the favor of the Cowboys.  It makes
you wonder how the Cowboys can take any pride in a victory won by
incompitent referees, not by their football team.  Instant replay needs
to be brought back, and paid attention to.  It's ridiculous to say
that the referees are correct 98/100 times, as was said during a
Sunday football game.  You get more likely a 50/50 chance of the
'ref getting it right, and it seems when the Cowboys are concerned you get
60/40, in favor of the Cowboys...<grumble>  Sorry, I know, it was
off-topic, but had to say that..:)~

Daniel Koepke -:- -:-  [Shadowlord/Nether]

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