Re: Cost of objects

From: Rich Chiavaroli (rchiav@FRONTIERNET.NET)
Date: 09/15/97

On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:

> Not to mention that there is *nothing* stopping someone from going
> out and getting that o'mighty Thunderbolt for themselves, without
> having to bother with money.  If you make killing give less money

Ummm.. hence *limiting* that o'mighty Thunderbolt. If there are only 3 in
the mud, how do you get one? Buy one. How much is it going to cost? I bet
a pretty gold coin. Gold can be limited by not giving incredible amounts
of coins to mobs. Then you items that will auction for a lot. Items that
are rare and of great value to a player will sell for alot. Of course the
very best items in the mud will never get sold but as soon as someone
gets an item slightly better than the one they have, I bet its going up
for auction.

> ObCowboyGame:
> Talk about a cheap victory.  If ever a team did not deserve a victory,
> it was the Cowboys today.  The absurd pass inteference call when not
> only was the ball tipped, but there was no pass inteference in the
> first place, on 4th down and 5 is the *only* reason why the Cowboys
> won that game.  The commentators notes on how Detmer crossed the line
> of scrimmage before the pass were not only moot, but wrong.  The ball
> had been released before he crossed the line.  That game was plagued
> by bad calls, most--if not all--in the favor of the Cowboys.  It makes

Hmm.. did we watch the same game? Standing on the 50 when the line of
scrimmage was on his side of it I think constitutes as being over the
line. I could be wrong though.

> you wonder how the Cowboys can take any pride in a victory won by
> incompitent referees, not by their football team.  Instant replay needs
> to be brought back, and paid attention to.  It's ridiculous to say
> that the referees are correct 98/100 times, as was said during a
> Sunday football game.  You get more likely a 50/50 chance of the
> 'ref getting it right, and it seems when the Cowboys are concerned you get
> 60/40, in favor of the Cowboys...<grumble>  Sorry, I know, it was
> off-topic, but had to say that..:)~

Hmmm 150 yds in penalties last week? Sure...they get all the favors
Sorry.. but had to be argumentative <g>

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