Re: [CODE] Adding levels above 170s

From: Iain E. Davis (feaelin@SOCKETS.NET)
Date: 09/24/97

>  No doubt. Bigger does not mean better. I think
>having 300+ levels will affect game balance more than fiddling
>with how experience is gained.
>  In a 300+ level system, you (unless you have very good idea
>of what you're doing or how to best impliment it) remove most
>all value of gaining a level, because of how insignificant a level
>is with a range like that. that point, one might as well go the extra mile, and go skillbased.

I'd love to see a mu* that doesn't have this overwhelming interest in
"more races, more classes, more levels!".  I'd rather see a default 30levels,
with a much richer development of the classes.  I usually get bored once all
I have to do is get more hp/move/mana and levels. :)

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