Re: problems with oedit (OASIS)

From: Mike Sulmicki (mikesul@CAPACCESS.ORG)
Date: 09/24/97

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Rich Chiavaroli wrote:

> This is probably my own doing but I can't see to figure out what I did.
> In oedit, after you save internally, the S-Desc replaces the L-Desc and
> the A-Desc becomes undefined. Everything in there looks pretty straight
> forward. When you change the values, everything looks fine 'till you save
> internally and come back in again.
Hmm, this'd happened to me after installing George's newest Oasis patch,
and I mailed a bug report to him, but..

  obj->description = str_dup(obj_proto[real_num].description ?
                obj_proto[real_num].short_description : "undefined");
Err, they show up in the code twice in the code I believe.
Now, I changed the short_description in the second line to description; that
seems to have fixed it.. But I'm no more than a newbie, so that may not be
the correct fix.

Hope this helps :)

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