Re: [Code] Spellbooks

From: David Klasinc (bigwhale@CAPYBARA.SK-PTTSC.LJ.EDUS.SI)
Date: 09/24/97

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, John Evans wrote:

> Another way would be to make ITEM_SPELLBOOK, and have it holdable just
> like wands are. When you 'use spellbook target', it 'fires off' the first
> spell in the book. What determines the spells would be just like in
> scrolls: V0 = level, V1, V2, and V3 would be the number of the spell.

Why not make it container like object? And then you can put scrolls in,
then if you do look in spellbook you see which spells you know and stuff,
then upon casting a spell you just check if there is appropriate spell in
the spellbook.

Hm, this might be the easiest way... *scratch*


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