Re: [CODE] saving rooms

From: Co-Sysop (dmodem@CYBNETONLINE.COM)
Date: 09/27/97

At 08:08 PM 9/27/97 +0200, David Klasinc wrote:
>Heh, did you make a directory save in the ./lib? ;>

Yes, I did make a ./lib/save directory.  And upon investigating the matter
further I see a file sitting there with 0 bytes.  I am assuming
this is just a Win95 error but I don't know why it keeps crashing.  I'm
almost tempted to get a copy of linux but I think for just a simple problem
like this that would be a bit overboard.

I installed the snippet exactly as it was written (unless I did something
wrong that I didn't see when I double, triple checked it).  Has anyone else
implemented this snippet?  I would like to know if this is OS related.
also, when it says where to put the for(...) loop it wasn't very specific.
Is it possible I put it somewhere circle doesn't like?  (I tried in
heartbeat() and do_save())


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