From: Andreas Jönsson (Andreas.j@LJUSDAL.SE)
Date: 09/28/97

I had an idea, that I have been thinking about... But I dont understand
how to code...

A couple of weeks ago there was a discussion about a pirate ship that
moves around and so, and you can enter it and "ride with it". I thought,
that if you can "command" the ship, and make it go around, where you
want it and so. Like, you change the character to "pirate ship" and
changes his/her stats after the ship's stats and so on. The character
becomes the ship, and when you move around, you move around with the
ship, not the character, and you set a flag like... is_ship or something
so that the ship cannot go on the ground only water... And maybe you can
change the eq part, so that it doesnt print  <Worn on arms> but like,
<forward armor>, <Port armor>,  or something like that...   I hope this
makes sense to someone, because I am not a really good coder, more like
a newbie...

(Sorry about my english...)

Entar, Implementor at PurpleMeadow.

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