AutoQuesting Code

From: Josh Brittenham (ruiner@NETINS.NET)
Date: 10/03/97

Hello there,

I'm not exactly the best coder this side of the United States
but is it more, or is the AutoQuest code that was ported to
CircleMUD messy, and sorta buggy?  Don't get me wrong, I like
the code, I plan on using it, but was just wondering if anybody
else noticed the same problem.  For example, if you used it
just like it was, you can automatically complete the quest
without even finishing it, and the questor automatically says
"Congratulations on completing your Quest" before it even
checks to see if you did or not.  In either case, if there is
anybody out there that needs help with the code, I'd be glad to
and just send me an e-mail.  Otherwise, I've got a question.
Here is my idea, I'd like to make it so when a person gets
a mob killing quest, the mobs "title" is appended with the name
of the person who is questing for it.  For example, a person
gets a quest to slay the dreaded orc.  Here is what it would say
in the room.

A small orc is standing here. [RuineR]

And with this, nobody else but RuineR would be able to kill it,
thus eliminating a lot of annoyances by somebody killing your
quest mob.  I'd like some insight on this, and if something like
this is possible.  Until then, I'm going to go through the whole
quest.c file and clean everything up. :P

Josh B.

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