Re: [ Off-Topic ] Switch/Mail and stuff..

From: Franco Gasperino (awe@CET.COM)
Date: 10/07/97

  You would think that all of the time spent arguing a rather
idiotic point could have been used to generate a patch, and
simply offer it to all who chose to use it, much like what
George is doing now....makes common sense, and still
seems to keep the idea of choice and freewill going with
how one creates their mud...

Franco Gasperino
Cutting Edge Communications

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From: Andrew Helm <ashe@IGLOU.COM>
To: <>
Date: Tuesday, October 07, 1997 3:24 PM
Subject: Re:  [ Off-Topic ] Switch/Mail and stuff..

>> Sure, switched chars can read mail.... *sigh* Sombody said that this is
>> not a bug, but a side effect.. I agree...
>Dammit, I keep telling people I don't care how you classify it. Call it
>a bug, call it an ethical hazard, I don't care. It ought to be changed.
>There are reasons to change it, none to keep it the same. Whether you
>add the abilitiy to load chars so you can take advantage of it to read
>e-mail or whether you take it out entirely I don't care. This isn't
>directed at you David, but I'm tired of the arrogant, I'm gonna win
>this argument no matter what attitude of some of the list members.
>I've already said we basically agree except you wish to use different
>terminology. There's nothing to fight about.
>> So I think it's nice for people to know that it can be hmm abused? Ok
>> exploited  (one weird word), and let the people hwo are bothered by it
>> it, the ones who are not they can have it... (I will probably disable
>> switch *grin*)
>I completely agree. This is why I mentioned it
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