Re: [ Off-Topic ] Switch/Mail and stuff..

From: Ron Cole (rcole@SHELL.EZY.NET)
Date: 10/07/97

> Dammit, I keep telling people I don't care how you classify it. Call it
> a bug, call it an ethical hazard, I don't care. It ought to be changed.
> There are reasons to change it, none to keep it the same. Whether you

#1 reason *not* to change it:  I might want to use this *feature*,
especially until such time as I make snooping mail easier.  Thanks for
documenting it.

> directed at you David, but I'm tired of the arrogant, I'm gonna win
> this argument no matter what attitude of some of the list members.

Oh puleeze...  You have responded to each and every person to offer up an
opinion on the matter, all of which I believe were contrary to your
position and then repeatedly responded with the equivalent of "Yes it is!"
Sorry, but this is abuse... arguments are down the hall and to the left.

> I've already said we basically agree except you wish to use different
> terminology. There's nothing to fight about.

Then knock it off.

Ron - who said nothing useful in this message, but is betting that Andrew
will find something to argue about in it.

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