Re: Level 1 save

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 10/13/97

>        For me, it's not the abandoned chars in the pfile that is an
>annoyance as much as the hoard of newbie equipment that ends up being
>left in or around the Temple area.  Quite a few times, it's scrolled for
>a considerable length upon entering the room.
>        This also snowballs, since when a new char enters the game and
>sees this situation, they're more likely to play 'follow the leader' and
>quit their own selves adding to the junk equipment in the room.
>        I've considered just purging the equipment when someone quits but
>that never felt right to me, since there are those instances when someone
>plays a mud on weed/acid/etc and someone types 'quit' by mistake. :)
There was discussion a long time ago about this problem,
and I believe the concensus at the time was to create an
ITEM_NEWBIE flag, so that when such items were dropped
(for whatever reason, be it the player quits, or
intentionally drops it, tries to donate it, or whatever),
the item is automatically junked.
Easy to imp, and takes care of this very annoying problem.


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