From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 10/15/97

sorry about that, the Ctrl+R replies, and Ctrl+E sends, and i accidently
pushed both at the same time.

what i meant to say was,
i don't GET a core dump :-P
otherwise i'd use it.
although that WOULD be a nice idea, to figure
out HOW to get the autorun script to pull the line number,etc out of the
core dump.
any ideas?

Akuma the Raging Coder

At 06:07 PM 10/15/97 -0400, you wrote:
>It sounds really like you're trying to reinvent the wheel - a core
>dumb already gives you all of this information (the function,
>filename, and line number of the statement that caused the crash).
>Why not just use the core dump instead?  You could probably even write
>a few lines into 'autorun' to automatically extract that info from the
>core every time the MUD crashes.
>BTW, "RETSIGTYPE" isn't really a type of function, just a macro name
>that I pulled out of the air so that autoconf (the "configure" script)
>can tell comm.c what the return type of signal() is (either void, or
>int, or a pointer to the former signal handling function).
>Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer writes:
>>RETSIGTYPE mysignal(yadda, SIGSEG)   //segmentation fault
>>log("SegFault from %s, %s (%d)", __FILE__, __FUNCTION__, __LINE__);
>>i know that wouldn't work too well, (i think i've tried and gotten
>>mysignal() as the function).
>>i was wondering if possibly there's a __PREVFILE__ or __PREVFUNCTION__
>>or something like that?
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