Re: Spellcasting... an end to mana

From: Chris Proctor (cjp@YOYO.CC.MONASH.EDU.AU)
Date: 10/15/97

> >work fine...I'd have a do_memorise command and spellcasters would type
> >something like "memorise armor" and they would have to sit there resting
> It's usually memorize although some places vary.

ewwwwwwww! U.S. Spelling!
(For basically everyone outside America, it's memorise, that's the
traditional English spelling, anyway)

> >6,level 11 and so on... they can only memorise a certain ammount of spells
> >from each circle depending on level... a level 1 would memorise 1 first
> >circle spell, while a level 11  could memorise 5 first circle, 5 second
> Basically AD&D system then?
> >call_magic... once the spell is memorised how will I store what spells
> >have been memorised by the player so that call_magic can check? in class.c
> This (AD&D) method has been done before although I do not know of any that
> have been released.
> >please let me know... I'm open to input.... shoudl I get this to work I'll
> >hopefully also implement spellbooks along with it...maybe even spell
> >components too... Thanks for whatever input you can give me...
> Components shouldn't be hard, there's already mag_materials.  The mention
> of spellbooks makes me think the AD&D system is what you're referring to
> even more.

Mmmm. Agreed. I haven't seen many other rpgs that use the (silly)
memorisation method of casting spells.
Not that Circle's mana system couldn't use some work, but I don't think
replacing it with memorisation is the way to go to be honest.

The "Spells and Magic" players' option book is pretty good if you want to
consider alternative magic systems. The fatigue based magic-user one was
particularly interesting (IMO).

Actually, the best one in the book was the Lovecraftian-style system,
whereby mages derive their power from alien forces, and have chances of being
driven insane or possessed by unimaginably evil aliens from the darkest
reaches of space.

Myself, I'm planning on implementing a Magic: the Gathering style system
(in keeping with the theme of the MUD), but that's very long term. It'd
involve randomly giving a mage a spell they've researched every tick or
so, up to a max of seven. they can then cast one of these seven spells
whenever they want to.

Note that this slightly contradicts my opinion of AD&D's magic system,
but o well, I didn't claim to be consistent. The random thing could be
fun, anyway. You make a "deck" of 60 spells, any of which can turn up in
your mind each tick. Blah.

Enough babble for today ;-)


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