Spellcasting... an end to mana

From: Adam Duke (aduke@SCRI.FSU.EDU)
Date: 10/15/97


I'm trying to get rid of mana in my mud. The idea behind it that instead
of having a pool of mana to draw from and cast from you have to sit use a
command to memorise your spells... this should
work fine...I'd have a do_memorise command and spellcasters would type
something like "memorise armor" and they would have to sit there resting
without standing up for 30 seconds or so depending on wis/int and level...
they would get spell sin circles... every 5 levels... level 1, level
6,level 11 and so on... they can only memorise a certain ammount of spells
from each circle depending on level... a level 1 would memorise 1 first
circle spell, while a level 11  could memorise 5 first circle, 5 second
circle and 1 third circle spell... anyways you see my point... all that
could be controlled in do_memorise where it simply won't let you memorise
the spell if you aren't the right level... the problems are with
call_magic... once the spell is memorised how will I store what spells
have been memorised by the player so that call_magic can check? in class.c
where it assigns what spells you get at what level instead of having the
it be used for level it will be circle...so something like:
spell_level(SPELL_HEAL, CLASS_MAGIC_USER, 16);
would be the circle the class gets the spell not the level... so instead
of 16 that would be 4 for forth circle which is level 16... memorise will
check from that whether or not the spell is the right circle to be
memorised.... but what I don't know how to do is check in call_magic in
spell_parser.c whether or not the spell has been memorised... if you have
any ideas on how to do this or owuld liek the expand the idea as a whole
please let me know... I'm open to input.... shoudl I get this to work I'll
hopefully also implement spellbooks along with it...maybe even spell
components too... Thanks for whatever input you can give me...

                                                -Adam Duke
Version: 2.6.2


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