Re: Spellcasting... an end to mana

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 10/16/97

>> >work fine...I'd have a do_memorise command and spellcasters would type
>> >something like "memorise armor" and they would have to sit there resting
>> It's usually memorize although some places vary.
>ewwwwwwww! U.S. Spelling!
>(For basically everyone outside America, it's memorise, that's the
>traditional English spelling, anyway)

And I bet you use colour and armour and pronounce schedule
with a shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sound :-)
I have a friend from Canada who came to the US for school
and got marked off on his papers for spelling like that :P

>> >6,level 11 and so on... they can only memorise a certain ammount of spells
>> >from each circle depending on level... a level 1 would memorise 1 first
>> >circle spell, while a level 11  could memorise 5 first circle, 5 second
>> Basically AD&D system then?

Arctic uses a AD&D type system, in the sense of
memorization.  Great mud :)

>Mmmm. Agreed. I haven't seen many other rpgs that use the (silly)
>memorisation method of casting spells.
>Not that Circle's mana system couldn't use some work, but I don't think
>replacing it with memorisation is the way to go to be honest.

Even AD&D has done away with memorisation in the
Spells & Magic book (a.k.a. 3rd edition ;) and reverted
to spell points.  Most RPG's use spell points besides -
the D&D family was one of the few (possibly only?) that
used memorisation.
>The "Spells and Magic" players' option book is pretty good if you want to
>consider alternative magic systems. The fatigue based magic-user one was
>particularly interesting (IMO).
>Myself, I'm planning on implementing a Magic: the Gathering style system
>(in keeping with the theme of the MUD), but that's very long term. It'd
>involve randomly giving a mage a spell they've researched every tick or
>so, up to a max of seven. they can then cast one of these seven spells
>whenever they want to.

I picked up a great pin a DexCon this past summer...
"Save gaming - kill a Magic player" =) =) =)
But what about mana and such?  I've played MTG a bit -
would mana cards be part of the seven?  Would you have
no mana at all and assume they always have enough for
any given spell?

>Note that this slightly contradicts my opinion of AD&D's magic system,
>but o well, I didn't claim to be consistent. The random thing could be
>fun, anyway. You make a "deck" of 60 spells, any of which can turn up in
>your mind each tick. Blah.

        So you are going to do away with mages and clerics
and just have one generic spell casting class?  Or are you
going to have more than 60 different spells for each mage
and cleric (i.e. over 120 spells)?
        If you have that many spells, you should provide a
method for players to "forget" "decks" as they advance in
level, otherwise low level mages will never waste there
deck's slots on low level spells, thereby limiting the # of
high level spells they can use.
        Or else, have the low level spells advance in power
as the mages level increases.  But if you do that, then the
higher level spells will have to be fixed amounts of damage
(or healing or whatever), otherwise you would still never
use the lower level spells.
        For example, magic missile = dice(level, 3) and is
a first level spell.  if you then had a fireball =
dice(level, 6) at L10, you would never use the magic
missile since the fireball will always average twice as
much damage.  Not normally a problem, but with a finite
deck of spells to choose from, the magic missile is now
wasting a card as you would want a fireball instead.  So
nobody would ever get magic missile, since that would be
one less, more potent, fireball they could get later.
        So fireball might be something like
dice(level, 2) + level;  so at level 10, the magic missile
is 20 (10 - 30) damage, and the fireball is 25 (20 - 30).
The fireball is slightly better, but the magic missile is
no longer totally outclassed (and hence useless).
        Really high level spells would have to be an absolute
fixed amount, e.g. meteor swarm doing dice(20, 6) at L30,
which means the magic missile now does 60 (30-90) damage,
the fireball 75 (60-90) damage and the meteor swarm does
70 (20-120) damage (less, on average, then a fireball, but
this is made up for by the upper limit is much higher).
This keeps them all in the same ballpark, and hence all
useful for the life of the character.

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