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From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 10/15/97

On Wed, 15 Oct 1997, Jeremy Elson wrote:

>>Make boats a container?
>Making boats a container might work, but it would probably be very
>messy -- it would probably require tons of "special-case" code
>everywhere to deal with the fact that an object sitting in a boat has
>some properties of a container and some properties of something
>sitting on the ground.  i.e., special code would be required for "get
>anvil" (if it was on the boat with you), and "look" (to print what is
>sitting in the boat with you), etc.

get anvil boat
look in boat
put sword boat
drop sword [overboard]

I would assume plain 'look' to just search for 'outside' objects.
(The [] means not actually typed.)

>>Is not the realism of don't drop things while over the water better than
>>things such as anvils floating around?
>In my opinion, no.  There are already many examples of concessions we
>make to realism for the purpose of making the game more playable
>(e.g. "gossip"); I wouldn't want to deal with the first 10 players to
>lose their Amazing Sword of Destruction after dropping it while on a

We could add the 'overboard' option to 'drop' that is necessary when over
water and then otherwise advise them to use 'put sword boat'.

>The container idea is nice, but I don't think it can really be
>implemented elegantly unless and until C++-Circle comes out :-) (where

I believe it shouldn't be all that bad.  If we consider a 'boat' to be a
one-man type vessel so we don't worry about other people taking from your
boat or looking in your boat (too far away).  Then we have a nice addition
later if we do equipment destruction by fireball, boat container is
destroyed, everything in it goes too (well, I guess you too).  And then we
get rid of one aspect of realism without adverse effects other than they
have to confirm dropping something in the water.

Discussion is good. :)

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