Re: [ Idea ] Smarter mobs...

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 10/18/97

> > >Ok, there are tons of tons of stuff that would make mobs smarter, but I
> > >think that we can make mobs look smarter with many little things.. :)
> > Like MOBProgs?  :-)
> I know I have MOBProgs and I added a lot of new triggers and commands and
> stuff, but still there are some things that can't be done with mobprogs...

i also used mob progs to do most of the things that david was using as
examples, however i also have a couple of non-mobprog things that make
the mobs seem smarter...first are a couple flags, MOB_LOOT and MOB_SMART..
the loot one is obvious..the smart flag esentially makes the mob compare
all of the equipment that it is wearing, with what it has in its will then wear the better stuff and junk the inferior stuff..
weapons are judged on ave damage, and all other eq positions are judged
on ac...

another thing i did was attack strategy...this decides how the mob will
act when fighting a group of characters..whether they will try to kill
the person with lowest/highest max hit, lowest/highest ave dam, or just
fight without switching...

these are just little things, but they add a little bit of personality to
the mobs..and give players a little suprise :) someone else said, most of the "AI" for our mobs comes from mob
progs and scripts..


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