[ Idea ] Smarter mobs...

From: David Klasinc (bigwhale@CAPYBARA.SK-PTTSC.LJ.EDUS.SI)
Date: 10/17/97


 Was anyone working on the mob intelligence? I mean somethign more than
mobprogs and that it wouldn't be spec?

I was pondering this, first creating the list of spells and their counter
spells (curse, remove curse) then making MOB_SMART flag or somethign like
that and then imp few checks for this flags.

The easy one would be with the spells, so that cleric/mage mobs will
protect themselves. Then there would be many 'considers' for the mobs. For
example a group is fighting the mob and mobs used to randomly switch. Or
maybe nopt so randomly, maybe with a bit of choice, but nothing much. Mob
would have to decide who's the biggedst threat in the group, usually this
is not a warrior that is doing damage to the mob, it would be probably
cleric that is healing the warrior, so mob would attact the cleric, or
maybe thief, who is always sneaking in and out and backstabing the mob.

Then if there is one mage that is constantly casting fireball, mob would
cast 'protection from fire' or 'fire deflection'. probably even if the
group is too big mob wouldn't evewn stay there to fight. It would just
flee or teleport itself somewhere else. Heck, players don't attack mobs
and then wait for their wimpy to pull them out of the fight, usually they
flee before.

Maybe mob would also consider it's group and instead of casting 'chain
lightning' on poor attackers it would cast 'true heal' on one of it's
fellows, so they don't die.

I think that there should be more smart mobs in the muds. Not just stupid
looking mobs, that make 200d2 damage per round and players are afraid to
go attack them.

I wonder why mobs don't have their resting rooms (like players have on
some muds), why  mobs don't group, why mobs don't summon their friends
when they are in troubles, why mobs don't call for backups and stuff?

Ok, there are tons of tons of stuff that would make mobs smarter, but I
think that we can make mobs look smarter with many little things.. :)

David is here saying, give mobs a chance!


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