Re: [ Idea ] Smarter mobs...

From: David Klasinc (bigwhale@CAPYBARA.SK-PTTSC.LJ.EDUS.SI)
Date: 10/19/97

On Sat, 18 Oct 1997, Gary Barnett wrote:

> >
> Design.. Usually time constraints. If we only had 28 hour days in RL :-)
I spend 12-14 hours at work... :/ I would need at leas 48 hours :)))

> 2) Feed all the updates to the interface.. every time a mob moves,
>    object times out, someone leaves/enters the game, someone drinks
>    some water, ect - all events get turned into amessage and sent to
>    the AI process.

This is exactly like I want the things to be running... :) I already have
something that looks like this running, except that there is no 'core'
process, but messaging system works for now between the mobs, it is not
something very complex, but each time I add something to it gains on

> My thinking is that if you can make mobs do everything they need without
> using out of character abilities, and if the players have access to the same
> commands via skills, that you can create a hugely complex set of
> interactions that the mob ai system can use to it's benefit. In addition, you
True, I think that players and mobs should be the same or at least very
similar, if you code things right, then you can make mobs do anything, you
can het all the vital information about player and everything else, mob
will instantly know which shield is better ot whish sword is better.

 IMO this is cheating :) and since we don't want anybody to be cheating,
we will not make mobs this way. Yes, maybe here and there something will
be done in a favor of mobs, but take a look at the players :) (speedawlk,
triggers, aliases)

> That's the mud I want to see. The standard elements, but with a complex
> undercurrent of events changing how things behave in ways the player
> isn't directly able to determine. Just like RL in a way :-)

Yeah. Why should mobs be killable and players are practically immortal,
heck if you just lose few thousands of exp and then you're back in the
game, this sounds immortal to me. Sure mobs will repop also, but do they
gain levels, hitpoints and exp? Well on my mud they do.. ;>

In fact why make the only thing that matters on the mud number of killed
mobs? I don't think that if you killed zillions of mobs that you're very
experienced in anything except killing. How about other stuff?

I've decided that I will change the leveling system. So now for leveling
is also required that player knows certain percentage of the world, player
must also have certain amount of quest points. heck, killing is too
easy... ;>


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