[IMAMORON] boot error

From: RHS Linux User (blue@CALICO.GATOR.NET)
Date: 10/19/97

Hmm, any quick help out there available for this error?

Sun Oct 19 15:16:14 :: Renumbering rooms.
Sun Oct 19 15:16:14 :: Checking start rooms.
Sun Oct 19 15:16:14 :: Loading mobs and generating index.
**Sun Oct 19 15:16:14 :: SYSERR: boot error - 0 records counted**

I removed all of the stock areas, and made blank ones using a combination
of python scripts and the cartograph utility.. Sigh. They worked great as
additions.. obviously I'm missing something, tho.. There are no players in
my player files, no plrobjs, no mobs, no shops.. well, you get the

Heh, if anyone wants a copy of my (obviously broken) python
scripts for mass-creating blank areas, lemme know, I'm happy to share.
I'll even fix them first..


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