[ADMIN] Memory a Mud takes up

From: Bode, Wyatt (wjbode@BEMIS.COM)
Date: 10/31/97

    Hmmmm, I just downloaded and compiled a fresh copy of the new patch
level 12 under MSVC 5.0.  With just myself logged on and doing crazy
stuff like "where sword" and teleporting to random zones, it seems to be
hovering right around 3.5 Meg, and going down to 200K when no-one was
connected (according to NT 4.0's task manager).  Anyone have similar
    I *know* that when I used to run it on a Sun workstation it took
less than 4 megs, because that computer only had 6!!!  Whatever you
added that made Circle balloon up to 35 megs should be looked at,
because that starts to sound like MicroStuffed-ware!
        -- GreyStar

>> A good 30-35M at boot and then it goes down to about 25 as the
mobs/objs idle
>> out (if the zone isn't visited in a while and doesn't have a special
flag, we
>> clear all the mobs and objs until a char enters...)
>> --Angus

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