apologies and more

From: Tom Whiting (twhiti@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 11/02/97

well, I did manage to get the autoloot compiled, thanx to all;)
I will say this.. I've been mudding for a while, and have wanted a copy
of circle for ever.. Now I picked up the copy for a couple reasons.
1> I've been meaning to teach myself c for a while.. george, you were
right, basically if you're a programmer, and you know the basics of
programming, it is the same everywhere, almost.. The logistics of it are
quite the same, regardless the language..

2> through this past week, through trial and error and even more trial,
I've managed to pu in a few of the other files in the snippets as well..
HOpefully I'll have the time to basically make them look as I want them
to look.. Again, for that I do say hopefully..

Now, I've got a question.. Has anyone tried editing the who list to add
the races as well as the classes on there, and how hard was it to do??
I've taken a look at the files, and myself, I don't think it would be
too hard to do.. but that's just my thought.. any one else??

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