From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 11/03/97

>Boy, I bet this guy thinks he real clever.  "Hey, I can get by the
>xnames list by reversing the banned name.  Aren't I ingenious."  I'm
>willing to bet this is a seriously disturbed Canadian teenager.  Why
>Canadian?  Because America's disturbed teens go out and join gangs;
>they don't go try to make people mad online. :)  Doesn't matter, both
>need their parents to slap some sense into them.

Hey, that's not true.  Disturbed Canadian teens actually don't get
online.  They go out and hunt polar bears after building an igloo, and
talking to Nanook about the Great moose who said to the squirrel "Watch
me pull a rabbit out of my hat"  Sorry, had to do it, I'm a hoser, so I'm
allowed to make fun of myself, no one else is.  :P  Especially when they
only have 2 seasons....summer and the rainy season.  ;)


I got a question for Jeremy that I don't recall seeing in the FAQ.  Why
"Circle"?  (Blame all the talk about manholes, but I had to know)

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