[Off-topic] Just a follow-up to the swapping thing...

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 11/03/97

First, I didn't realize someone had already posted the way to do it
with adding and subtracting before I posted it.  But it only took two
minutes to figure out (well, less, because that includes the time it
took to write the message).  So, sory for the repeative post. :)

Second, someone said that the xor method doesn't work with negative
numbers.  That is false.  It works just fine, with gcc 2.7.2 on Linux

  Method One (xor)
   A   B
  -1  -3
   2  -3
   2  -1
  -3  -1

  Method Two (add)
   A   B
  -1  -3
  -4  -3
  -4  -1
  -3  -1

Tested, too, with a = 1 and b = 9, and vice-versa (just in case).
Anyway, it is kind of a tired topic.

ObCircle: Completely hypothetical situation...if, someone--let's call
him...Bob--was thinking about releasing a derivitive of Circle based
on one of the bpls, that added/removed/changed features.  What are
some of the features that you think should be added to stock; removed
from stock; and changed in stock.  Your thoughts, please.  (even my
ObCircle wasn't all that much on topic :P)  Hypothetically speaking,
of course.

daniel koepke / dkoepke@california.com

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