Re: [Off-topic] Just a follow-up to the swapping thing...

From: Ron Hensley (ron@CROSS.DMV.COM)
Date: 11/05/97

On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, Ryan Gasper or Steven Arnold wrote:
>         That would be cool. A new scripting language for mobs would be
> neat, considering that mobprogs, although definitely still very useful,
> could use a tuneup. Or even bobs Logic Engine above, that to would be
> neat.

If anyone has ever played MUME mud and heard of their external scripting
engine called Mudlle, i got the author to send me a copy the other day.

From what i can see of its usuage at MUME its _very_ powerful, its a
complete LISP like online programming language with an online editor,
programs able to access actual code variables etc.

However it was designed under SunOS I believe, uses 'asm' 'bison' and
'flex' so im still working on getting it ported.

Also lacks documention on actually installing it as even though its been
released to public domain, it was intended solely for MUME.

If and when I can figure it out and get enough docs on it, ill post about
it and put it up.

If anyone else feels they might have some luck, holler and ill pass the
code along. I got Bison and flex installed and that part works fine,
anyone have a clue what assembler is just plain called 'asm'?

I tried compiling the .s files wilth gcc and it doesnt like the assembly
code at all.

There are wonderful docs on the actual programming language itself by the
way, for once its actually threated into mud.

Should be compatible also by the way, as MUME is originally a Diku,
though far from diku anymore, as theyve been hacking since '91 I beleive.

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