Re: manholes (was: RE: Hacker MUDSTEALER ALERT)

From: Davies, Nathan (DaviesN@AECL.CA)
Date: 11/05/97

I'm finally going to reply to this absurd line of posts and throw my
pennies in...

It REALLY is round so that it won't fall through.  That is the original
reason for them designed that way, and no, if it was square, it would
fall through.  Simple math proves this, remember a^2 + b^2 = c^2.
   a | \ c

c, the diagonal of the square manhole is always larger than a or b(just
pretend this diagram is square).  Sure, you could make a lip around the
manhole that'd stop it from going through, but then the manhole cover
would be four times as large as the hole.

>Nathan Davies,
>This is getting both silly and off-topic ;)
>>> BTW, on the manhole thing, saying, "so they won't fall through," is
>>> kindof dumb.  I would think they're round because manholes are round.
>>Actually, they are round so they won't fall through.  If you think its
>>dumb, try being hit on the head by a falling manhole cover.  You might
>>appreciate the thinking behind the covers.
>You could just as easily make them square, and make a shelf
>area around the hole on which the cover rests (the hole
>itself being square).
>They are probably round because:
>#1. it is *easier* to make the hole/cover system if it is
>round (though it is by no means impossible to make it any
>other shape), and
>#2. they are probably a more natural shape for people to
>be able to fit through ;)
>man hole covers... sewers... ObCircle:
>Anybody else think the sewer area could stand a re-write
>and/or re-calibration.  I know I almost never explored the
>sewers as a player, and I suspect it is one of the most
>underused areas in the mud.

I think all areas could stand a rewrite, which is why I removed them all
from my mud when I got it.

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