manholes (was: RE: Hacker MUDSTEALER ALERT)

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 11/04/97

This is getting both silly and off-topic ;)

>> BTW, on the manhole thing, saying, "so they won't fall through," is
>> kindof dumb.  I would think they're round because manholes are round.
>Actually, they are round so they won't fall through.  If you think its
>dumb, try being hit on the head by a falling manhole cover.  You might
>appreciate the thinking behind the covers.

You could just as easily make them square, and make a shelf
area around the hole on which the cover rests (the hole
itself being square).

They are probably round because:
#1. it is *easier* to make the hole/cover system if it is
round (though it is by no means impossible to make it any
other shape), and
#2. they are probably a more natural shape for people to
be able to fit through ;)

man hole covers... sewers... ObCircle:
Anybody else think the sewer area could stand a re-write
and/or re-calibration.  I know I almost never explored the
sewers as a player, and I suspect it is one of the most
underused areas in the mud.

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