Re: obj_mail.diff

From: Davies, Nathan (DaviesN@AECL.CA)
Date: 11/04/97

I haven't seen this code at all...but if it sends the vnum of the
object, couldn't you just add more variables in the same place for other
such things, like damage, or special mods...or change the whole objmail
so that objects are stored on the mud somewhere until the receiver gets
the mail, then just obj_from_room, obj_to_char them...if the mud
crashes, make it a saved room, or every few that room to olc
files or something stranger :)

Just a thought...

>Nathan Davies,
>I have recently started to 'modify', some of the patches I have
>on my MUD. One of which is Daniel Koepke's 'obj_mail.diff'. The MUDmail
>patch is indeed extremely useful without other modifications, however
>only the VNUM of the object is placed in the mail header.
>  This is fine if you're not changing the objects from their prototypes,
>but with object damages and spells cast upon weapons, one is presented
>a problem. No letter bombs with live grenades either.
>   A player has a damaged object? Simply mail a friend and hey presto
>repaired free of charge! So does anybody have any suggestions as to
>the whole object to the mail header, or perhaps a rent type file
>to it? I have found difficulty in sending objects in containers by
>modifying the mail header.
>   Please note! This is not a flame aimed at Mr. Koepke, as I am indebt
>to his many patches, this is rather a problem with my meagre knowledge
>of C. My MUD is also Windows 95 (sorry) and I'm using MSVC4 if that's
>help. It's also bpl11, and heavily modified (I mean it! I really do).
> If anyone is interested I will post what code I have managed to the
>list for flames, comments and dissection.
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