Re: [WIN95] In place of autorun?

From: Michael Graziano (mikeg@HOFLINK.COM)
Date: 11/04/97

Okay, Think this should be it for this thread, wanna share the final
implementation of autorun.bat
This is a clean version, most REMs have been yanked.

--begin AUTORUN2.BAT---
@echo off

set PORT=4000
set FLAGS='-q'

del  log\syslog.1
rename log\syslog.2 log\syslog.1
rename log\syslog.3 log\syslog.2
rename log\syslog.4 log\syslog.3
rename log\syslog.5 log\syslog.4
rename log\syslog.6 log\syslog.5
rename syslog       log\syslog.6

echo autorun starting game >> syslog
echo running bin\circle %FLAGS% %PORT% >> syslog

bin\circle %FLAGS% %PORT% >> syslog

---End AUTORUN2.BAT---

That sould work, if it doesn't lemmie know...

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