From: Raymond P. Steigerwalt Jr. (acid@RINX.COM)
Date: 11/08/97

CI>act.comm.c: In function `do_ctell':
CI>act.comm.c:544: structure has no member named `clan_rank'
CI>act.comm.c:576: structure has no member named `clan_rank'

CI>I tried to put in the Clan code found on the snippet page and got the
CI>result of above when i compile it. Can someone tell me whats the structure
CI>format for clan_rank or how did you guys did it thanks!!

Well i really don't know much about coding at all, but i think that u
have 'clan_rank' or some other function that has to do with clans at the
same define number or whatever they are called as some other function. i
had that problem(just bout an hour ago) and it was OasisOLC's fault, so
check ur code for that.

- Ray
The Abyss 8001

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