Re: [WIN95][OLC]

From: Joe Frohne (frohne@POST.ITS.MCW.EDU)
Date: 11/08/97

> From: Baktor Silvanti <>
> I've tracked down the patch file for olc 1.5 so that I can update the
> existing olc on the mud.  My problem is *heh* patch?  Is there some way
> win95 can use the patch file?  I'm betting that answer is a negative so

You used to be able to use winpatch95 for patching, but the patch format
was changed to something that is not supported by this patch program.  If
anybody else knows of one, do share :)

Patching by hand, look at the patch file in chuncks, there will be + and -
lines.  Obviously, remove the - lines and replace with the new + lines.
In alot of instances, they may be the same.

Good luck and happy patching...


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