Re: Introduction Code, of One Sort or Another

From: Rasdan (rasdan@PEAK.ORG)
Date: 11/11/97

At 12:33 pm 11/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Ok, just had to throw my hat in the arena because this is something I plan
>on doing and haven't begun yet.

>However, before that happened, they had to take it out for the most part
>until they fixed a problem. A problem we all know and love (*rofl*). LAG.
>The way I see it, sorting is all well and good, but takes time. (Having
>been there while they were doing it, I spent many a moment theorizing about
>the best method and offering suggestions to the coder I get along with.)
>Linked list style the way they did works up until a certain point... like
>when someone has about 213 intros and tries to look in a room that has 20
>people. Running through the list, needless to say, put some serious lag
>into the game.

There is a role-playing mud (Empire) out there that does the exact same
thing. However, before we get talking too seriously about this feature,
pull yourself away from the mud as a developer and think like a player.
Many players, dare I say the vast majority of players, don't like to
waste their time walking up to a person and introducing themselves to
them. Granted, it is an aspect of realism brought to the mud, but how
realistic do you want to get? Some things just shouldn't be done, as
they make the actual playing of the mud a bit cumbersome, and I think
this is one of them.

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