Re: OLC Problems

From: StormeRider (silk@ICI.NET)
Date: 11/17/97

>I've found some interesting difficulties with having the social editor
>1)  The socials are now sorted into the command list alphabetically
>    automatically, whereas before they were put in however you wanted
>    them to be.
>  Ex. if you type li (intended list), after the social editor
>    you get lick and I haven't found a way to get this fixed yet.
This can happen, I have found, for a number of reasons.

a.) Make sure that you have enough reserved commands for movement. So, if
you added in something like diagonal directions (which means I should
probably fix my diag direction patch to be more compatible, shouldnt i?)
you need to up the reserved commands.

Why does this happen? I don't know.

b.) Try running through your interp.c and making sure your commands are in
alphabetical order... if not by the first, then by the second field. Having
the second field off will confuzzle it, it seems.

c.) Fiddle with the second field of the command. Ie, define list as
{ "list", "li", etc.},

>2)  The at command doesn't seem to recognize the new socials correctly.
At works right on the socials... doesnt on aliases, I've noticed.

>3) Not stock) When the gossip emote snippet is added I can't seem to get
>   any socials to gemote right.
Can't help ya there, havent put that in myself. Not sure if I'm going to
yet. *grin*

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