[OFF-TOPIC] OLC and Restricted shell

From: Mark Dickey (mark@BESTWEB.NET)
Date: 11/18/97

First question is with an On-line editor.  Right now when you edit a room
etc it is pretty annoying.  What is the possibility of somehow calling vi
and then when you can vi, it knows you are done with the editing?

Has anyone done anything like this and would it even be possible?

Second question.

I want to let one or two people, besides myself, edit the code, but to do
this they need the telnet access.

I don't want them to have a full account on there, but a restricted shell
that allows very few commands and restricts them to the /usr/local/mud

So far all I have found is resh and that isn't real good.  What do you
people do and what do you suggest?

(I'm on FreeBSD)


Mark Dickey

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