Re: [OFF-TOPIC] OLC and Restricted shell

From: David Klasinc (bigwhale@CAPYBARA.SK-PTTSC.LJ.EDUS.SI)
Date: 11/18/97

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, Mark Dickey wrote:

> First question is with an On-line editor.  Right now when you edit a room
> etc it is pretty annoying.  What is the possibility of somehow calling vi
> and then when you can vi, it knows you are done with the editing?
> Has anyone done anything like this and would it even be possible?

 Urm, this one I don't even understand... You want to implement vi as an
editor in olc?

> So far all I have found is resh and that isn't real good.  What do you
> people do and what do you suggest?

Don't let them access tot he code... IMO, this is BAD! Idea... VERY bad...
I don't give access tot he code to anyone... yes, I have two coders that
halp me a little bit, but they get their own copy of the code and when
somebody codes something, I just tell them to make a patch out of it and
then I patch it (manually of course *grin*) in the running version of the


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