RP: founding new towns

From: Patrik Janczyk (utopia@BAMZE.HULE.HARRYDA.SE)
Date: 11/20/97

We were thinking of IMPing the ability for players to
found new cities, without involving the IMPs to much
(our idea is based on that no IMMs exits in the world).

As it works now you must ask the kings (a sort of IMM)
permission to build a city, which is pretty ok, but
really only an emergency sollution to the problem
(problem: there is no way for a player to build a house himself
and keep it strict_as_hell RP).
With the kings permission, you can hire builders and
tell them exactly how you want your house/town. You
pay them for each house/item and soon you have your own
What we are looking for is an easy RP_way to solve our
problem, make it possible for every1 to build a house
without loosing the role_playing part of the game.
This way the players could decide where they wanted to
live and build their own houses/add to a city.

The ammount of intrigues/quests/atmosphere that can be
added if players got the possibility  to build their
own houses (in a RP_kinda_way) honestly makes me
drool all over the keyboard.

Has it been done ?
How and/or where ?

opinions ? suggestions ? advices ? flames ?

 *I say potato, you say...*
 *beeeg bada_boom... bada_beeeg_boom*

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