Re: RP: founding new towns

From: Baktor Silvanti (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 11/20/97

Patrik Janczyk wrote:
> We were thinking of IMPing the ability for players to
> found new cities, without involving the IMPs to much
> (our idea is based on that no IMMs exits in the world).
> As it works now you must ask the kings (a sort of IMM)
> permission to build a city, which is pretty ok, but
> really only an emergency sollution to the problem
> (problem: there is no way for a player to build a house himself
> and keep it strict_as_hell RP).
> With the kings permission, you can hire builders and
> tell them exactly how you want your house/town. You
> pay them for each house/item and soon you have your own
> house/town.
> What we are looking for is an easy RP_way to solve our
> problem, make it possible for every1 to build a house
> without loosing the role_playing part of the game.
> This way the players could decide where they wanted to
> live and build their own houses/add to a city.


I like this idea and I'd like to hear how it goes.  I would suggest off
the top of my head that a few things be done first.

1.  maybe an age/level limit before you can begin building? (kids can't
really build cities can they?)

2.  Maybe a counter of some sort where the player must find *resources*
to build the house, THEN also hire or contract the builders.

3.  Spec_Proc / MOB_ProGs come to mind....LOTS of ideas (foreman?
ThIeVes? something)

4.  timer on houses to make the rooms *decay/need repair*?  which would
also need more *resources*

5.  Make the actual building of the houses take time && special-eq?

well,  those are my ideas,  I'm not sure how to code much of it, but i'm
sure the idea is 98% of the project.

Baktor Silvanti

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