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From: Baktor Silvanti (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 11/20/97

Anthony J rye wrote:
>  Ok thats fine, flame all you want, but how hard is it to just pass the
> message and mark it for deletion?
>  Even my 2 yr old neice can do that!
> ,but i have decide on trying to get a c book any suggestions on a good one
> for c coding muds? or is there one out there specifically just for mud?

Chuckle, this isn't a flame, but a C book just for muds...NOW that is
something I'd LOVE to have :P  Anyways,  I personally learned from three
basic books:

Programming C in 12 easy lessons     (hey, it was my first book ok?)
Sams publishing by Greg Perry        (also picked cause it comes with)
                                     (a cool lil compiler)

The Joy of C                         (not really a GREAT book, but
Lawrence H. Miller &                  does a nice job of walking through
Alexander E. Quilici                  making your own programs.)

Last and BEST book I honest to God can't remember the exact title
but I think its the Bible of Turbo C or something of that sort
(its not near me so i can't remember) but this book covers every
standard function that you'll probably ever use.

Now my warning is this:

if you haven't had other languages (exclude CobOl as it sucks :P) and
you have a problem thinking logically, you WILL have a hard time
learning C.  C is not like most languages.  It WILL (as Morgoth -Head
Coder of LordMud always Says) it WILL let you get a piece of rope and
chuckle while you hang yourself. (also hear the "shoot yourself in the
foot" anal-igy alot) SO, please think first, and think hard...but if you
decide to go with it, Good luck.

Baktor Silvanti of Radark

--If languages are so easy to learn....then why hasn't anybody mastered

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