Re: thaco calculations

From: Anthony J rye (ajrye@ONE.NET)
Date: 11/21/97

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:

> -> i dunno maybe i am just stupid.
> I should say so.  First, CicleMUD doesn't have OLC.  It has the
Calm down dan it was just a thought man, i didnt know that jeremy was
doing all that. I thought he got the bug out in bpl12 (which i am not
using right now). I think we all should give credit to where credit is due
and all of us Mass Mail Send Jeremy saying "thank you for suck a wonderful
game"! :P
No. just kidding ,but i am thankful if it wasnt for this game where else
can i go to get flamed :P

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