thaco calculations

From: Michael Simons (s0004589@MONTEAGLE.NIAGARA.EDU)
Date: 11/21/97

Wouldn't it be easier to make thaco a part of the char_data structure?
Along with a GET_THACO(ch) macro?  I haven't seen anywhere in the code
that modifies a players thaco, other than when they level.  I've already
converted my thaco chart over to a function (And I see that George has
suggested it for bpl13)  If anyone would like to see how I did it,
send me mail.  It should make adding new levels very easy.

The reason that I am asking is because hit() recalculates the players
thaco every round of combat, and the only real change that could happen
from round to round of combat would be the change in the players hitroll.


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