Re: Blocking mobs.

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 11/22/97

Thomas Pedersen wrote:
> On my mud, yes, you can move when fighting (hate stock flee..although
> you move at a cost of getting hit in the back)

Then this is a bug you have introduced.  Please clarify this when you
messages to the list.  Instead of saying, "I just realized guild guards
are worthless," you might want to tell us that you mean for your MUD and
actually ask a question.  This is not a flame (you've seen a flame from
looks like) by any stretch of the imagination.  Just a suggestion to
inform us of the situation.

Now, for the actual reply.  When the person tries to leave in that
have the guild-guard unleash a flurry on them.  I mean HARD!, and tell
player that the guard will die before he lets someone get past him.  Or,
if you
want another solution (this would be particularly realistic for people
implementing in-room positions/hex-grid-like-stuff), if the guard is no
blocking the exit, have him follow the player in and resume the attack.
player will eventually be forced back to the training grounds where
or guildmasters could help dispatch the player.  Of course, if they
survive all
of that...they deserve whatever they came into the guild to get...:)

daniel koepke /

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